I usually don’t write much in my social media posts as I want people to enjoy the images as they are and comment for themselves. With that said, art comes in many forms and subjects. One of the most controversial is the art of the human body. There are those who may find images of this nature offensive; but I challenge you to 1) Appreciate the hard work to stay in shape and the fact that some people are comfortable with who they are emotionally and physically. This is not an easy accomplishment;DSC_1845







DSC_1961-BW and 2) Consider the artistry of the human form! There is beauty in art and the body God created if you take the time to look beyond the immediate physical implications!

Be proud of who you are! We are all beautiful in God’s eyes. Some prefer to keep it to ourselves and some of our more open. Neither is right or wrong. We live in a time where women are finding empowerment and success in many areas more than ever before!

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