I am a little behind on this post, but with competition behind me for this year, I can finally post my prints. I merited at the National level on two prints and also received the Kodak Gallery Award at the State competition again for an image as well as made the Top 10 once again for the 4th year in a row! The work below represents my print case from the State, District and National competitions.

Competition is something that has helped me grow as an artist and truly respect the creativity that goes into making merit worthy prints as well has continued to hep me grow as a professional. My goal is to achieve my Masters of Photography Degree through the Professional Photographers of America and I am almost there!!

Thank you for all that have helped me in this journey and continue to encourage me; also to those that have been involved in the creative process. With that said, a number of my images are made from work I do for clients and then a few I create specifically for competition purposes. My goal is to be able to create images for clients that are representative of the quality for competition.

To explain a merit; it basically means it has scored enough points to earn an award. The first tier in the national competition qualifies for the General category. After that, it is judge for another around for the best of the best; the Loan Collection. Two of my images merited for the General Collection and will be on display at the national convention in January. It is a great honor to make it that far.

I hope you enjoy the images! Already preparing for next year…..

age_of_innocence A age of Innocence~Kodak Gallery Award

Great Grandmas Trunk of Memories… This image was a concept I had in mind for awhile and took some work to complete. The story in the image is dear to me as the model is my daughter, Alissa, and the dress she is wearing was my grandmothers wedding dress as well as the dress I wore in my wedding. Each element in the image has something special to add: The trunk was my mothers, the small blue trunk holds the smaller details I wore at my wedding, and the albums on the floor are my mother-in-laws album as well as my mother’s wedding album. The picture leaning against the larger trunk is of my grandparents on their wedding day, my grandmother in the wedding dress… I wanted to tie in special family heirlooms all in one. It did not merit, but holds special meaning for me and of course the family.

my_bunny_buddy Merit Image My Bunny Buddy

overexposed Overexposed Merit Image

quiet_moments Quiet Moments

tally_ho Tallu Ho!

uncertain_passage Uncertain Passage

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