I have been working for the last couple years to build a portfolio of a specific type of art and session. Photography has evolved over there years from artistic images to a more snapshot appearance. My goal has been to try and bring back the artistry in a unique and creative way.

We all see images hanging on someones wall. Sometimes it is a work of art that speaks to us, other times it may be an image that has a personal connection that is meaningful to the owner. We all view art differently and interpret it in our own way.

Photography IS ART.

One of my goals with this type of session is to create a work of art for clients to hang on their walls that creates meaning for them or even impact! How cool would it be to have a landscape image on your wall that incorporates someone special to you? A scene that we create to incorporate meaning or who you are but the subject is you? Or something out of the ordinary for no other purpose than to create impact and something incredibly unique AND was a blast to create!

In these fine art sessions, every detail is give attention down to pose, color and props. A lot of planning goes into these sessions as well.

If you are intersted in a session please contact me and we can discuss what you are looking for. If you would like to do a session but don’t know the concept you are wanting to create, no problem! We will create something together that is completely you! Men can do this too… It is also a great way to do a couples session that is a bit different from your typical portrait!

Enjoy the images and there are more to come this week!DSC_2167-12x24







Vaughn & Joelle-E



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